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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  July 29, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us, live from paris. where intense bombardment has seen the palestinian death toll reached more than 1100, with many killed civilians. israeli tanks hit the only power station in the gaza strip, cutting off electricity to most of the enclave. hopes were raised and then da shed of a possible cease-fire, aying factions had agreed to 24 hour truce, although it was rejected by hamas.
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here is our middle east correspondent with more. >> according to palestinian sources in gaza, there is now what they are calling random shelling being conducted by israeli tanks in the north of notablystinian enclave, in the neighborhood of jebaliya. that is where the israeli defense force sent messages 24 hours ago telling residents to evacuate. according to local sources, they were 16 dead in the past few hours. the other event is the strikes plant,'s main power depriving tens of thousands of palestinians of any electricity. a certain touch of irony. residents tell me this was pretty much the case already, and very few people are left in gaza with constant electricity. the most fortunate have a few hours at most a day.
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ony many people rely generators for power, little engines that require fuel, in order to generate electricity. the other big news of the day is the back-and-forth between different palestinian officials. factions ins say gaza had agreed to a 24-hour humanitarian truce, which could be extended 48 extra hours. it has been completely denied by hamas' leader. a testament to the complete lack of coordination between different political elements, and the division that has crippled palestinian politics over the past few years. >> meanwhile, militants in gaza continued to fire rockets into israeli territory. one missile landed near a
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southern israeli town. officials warned citizens to keep away. chris moore has been at the scene. >> we are just outside the israeli town about 1.52 kilometers from the border with gaza. people have come to watch the israeli bombardment of the strip. many tell us they are not scared and support the continued intervention, but it is a pretty frightening place to be. while we were filming, a rocket flew over my head and landed just here. you see the earth burning there. the israeli military has turned up to get these spectators to leave the area. supremeng's -- iran's leader has spoken out on the crisis.
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in a sermon for the eid holiday, he called israel "a rabid dog." rearmed.amas should be >> what the zionist regime authorities are doing today is a genocide. huge historical disaster. the entire world, particularly the muslim world, has a duty to arm the palestinian nation by all means. >> fighting is continuing in libya. a government warplane crashed in benghazi amid heavy clashes between government forces and islamist militias. at least 30 people in benghazi were killed in overnight fighting. in tripoli, firefighters are battling to put out a huge blaze
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at an oil depot sparked by missile fire between rival militias. >> flames described as "out of control" by authorities. libya'sngulfed largest fuel storage facility, forcing civilians close by to evacuate. contains millions of liters of petroleum and liquid gas. ignite.e could all firefighters nearly managed to stop the blaze sparked by rival militia groups, but fighting persisted, leading militants to continue battling for control of the airport. thedeadliest clashes since one revolution that ousted more gaddafi have already killed many and wounded hundreds.
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the ongoing power struggle between islamists and their opponents. several foreign diplomatic missions, including the u.s., germany, and britain, have of accuray did employees -- evacuated employees and asked citizens to leave. france confirmed that their nationals will be taken out on ship. >> the black boxes from the doomed air algerie flight that crashed in mali are being analyzed in paris. investigators say it could take weeks to figure out why the plane went down shortly after take off. back in burkina faso, more details from the radar that they have been released. our team in the capital sent this report. >> the control tower tracked air algerie flight 107. at 1:17, the plane headed north
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algiers,all cheers, -- but things went wrong very quickly. faced with a huge storm, the pil ots asked to change course. the aircraftere should have been. we see the aircraft should have changed direction. reconsider his flight path. he started to go right. from this moment, the radar lost the plane. >> radar images from the doomed flight, made public for the first time. at 10,000 meters when it started to lose altitude. noting. -- nothing.
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>> the plane disappeared. meters inown to 7500 only a few seconds. >> the drop is very important. steep.reathtakingly the last contact took place at 1:47 a.m. the witness gave us an approximate time of 1:50. that means the plane dropped 10,000 meters in three minutes. explains theich extreme nature of the crash. upon impact, the lane disintegrated -- plane disintegrated. separatist rebels in eastern ukraine are considering banning a group of international observers from the site of the malaysia airlines crash, accusing the monitors from the
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united working for the states and ukraine. the experts say they have been unable to access the crash site because of continuing violence. fighting is still raging in parts of eastern ukraine, including near the location of the crash. large explosions have been heard in the city of donetsk. dozens of soldiers and rebels have been killed. eu is adopting tough new economic sanctions against russia over what it views as moscow's support of separatist rebels in ukraine. that is according to two european diplomats. the measures include an arms embargo and financial limitations for russian banks. meanwhile, the white house is poised to announce new economic sanctions against russia. they are waiting for u.s. president barack obama to speak
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on that any moment now. meanwhile, here is the latest from europe. >> after months of hesitation, finally an agreement. european leaders in america agreed to enforce tougher sanctions against russia. that are growing concerns instead of pulling back after the crash, russia's involvement in ukraine will likely intensify. >> we and our european partners will take additional measures and impose wider sanctions on key sections of the russian economy if that is what we must do. >> the new european sanctions were discussed at ambassadors meeting in brussels today. they will likely include capital market restrictions for state-owned banks, an embargo on future arms sales, and restrictions on technology transfers for russian energy firms.
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they have been wary of sanctions given strong economic links with russia, but the crash of mh17 has toughened their stance. russia's foreign minister dismissed the impact of sanctions. >> we are not happy about the sanctions, nor are the european countries that impose them. but i can assure you we will overcome difficulties that will arise in certain parts of our economy. maybe we will become more self-reliant and more self-confident. >> america has said it will back any eu sanctions with new measures of its own. they are expected to increase pressure on the russian economy that is already suffering from slow growth and a lack of economic investment. >> we will keep you up to date when we hear from president obama. meanwhile, it is the biggest corruption scandal in chinese politics in decades. a former member of china's investigatedbeing
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for corruption. some observers say this goes to a power struggle at the apex of chinese power. >> a brief announcement in prime time, but one that will send shockwaves through china's political establishment. >> the communist party of china has decided to place him under investigation for suspected serious disciplinary violations. >> he was once the third most powerful man in china. he controlled the police, the courts, and the intelligence network. he oversaw a massive expansion of china's domestic security apparatus before his retirement in 2012. he is the most senior chinese official ever put under investigation, a move that sends a strong message that no one is above the law. >> this is great news.
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those corrupt officials, no matter how senior they are, must be brought down. >> things are fairer than before. no matter how high the position you are in, you could still be investigated. >> politburo members have traditionally been exempt from prosecution, an unspoken rule designed to maintain party unity. has amassedjinping enough power to break these long-standing taboos. his anticorruption drive has enormous popular support, but this is a dangerous balancing act for the president, with corruption possibly going to the very top of the establishment and public anger at an all-time high. speculation is rife as to the next target of the corruption probe. this raises questions as to whether authorities will be be able to maintain public order when the true scale of corruption is revealed. >> staying in china, police in the western shin jang -- xinji
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ang province have shot down dozens of attackers wilting knives. a gang armed with knives attacked a police station and government building in shache townie. a number of attacks have occurred, which china blames on islamists and separatist who want to establish a so-called east turkestan. our headlines, live from paris. hopes of a cease-fire have been dashed in gaza. the deadly violence continues, with more than 100 people killed this tuesday in gaza. heavy fighting in benghazi between government forces and islamist militias. a huge fire at an oil depot in tripoli is still blazing.
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as we have heard, the biggest scandal to hit chinese politics in decades. a former top ranking official and national security advisor is being investigated for corruption. time to get an update on the business news. i am joined by marcus carlson. it's a story we have been covering tonight. the european union is rolling out new sanctions against russia, with the u.s. voice to follow -- posed to follow. >> we have heard the european union is ask ling sanctions against russia. now we hear from washington that is wrapping upes sanctions over ukraine. we have heard from washington that the u.s. is slapping sanctions on three russian banks. the bank of moscow and the russian agriculture bank.
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are slapping sanctions on a shipbuilding company, united shipbuilding corporation. over separatists in eastern ukraine. this follows fresh sanctions from the european union side. it slapped sanctions on finance, arms, and the energy sector in russia. at the same time, european companies are warning they may take a russian sanctions hit. shares in bp took a hit as they warned that further sanctions on russia could hurt their profits. 20% stake of russian oil firm rosneft could leave it exposed. it comes as the u.s. has already put sanctions on rosneft's executive. salest says russian car
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could fall further because of sales -- russian economic weakness. they say sales could weaken further. renault and nissan is exposed to russia through a majority stake in russia's biggest carmaker. abreast of allu developments. when it comes to sanctions, the top line is the united states has followed suit after the european union, slapping new sanctions on russia. we will keep an ete on tat -- eye on that for you. time is running out for argentina to avoid what could be a costly default. negotiations are taking place in new york. a group of bondholders once -- wants argentina to pay them about $1.5 billion. they have refused write-downs of
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argentine debts, like many other investors. argentina defaulted on debt in 2001. a closer look on how the new default could compare to the 113 years ago. >> argentinians are still not over the crisis that hit them in 2001-2002. the country default it on debts of $100 billion. its economy crashed. recession deepens, millions lost jobs, inflation spike to record levels, and the peso's value dropped. many lost their savings, businesses shut down, protests led to 24 deaths. if argentina were to default again, it would be the third time in 28 year. the recession could deepen. others say the affects may not be as deep as in 2002.
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depreciated and -- the situation is different now because argentina has been isolated from capital markets for 11 years. >> analysts say that in a new default argentina would have trouble normalizing relationships with financial markets. the government seems to believe that although a t fault would -- default would hurt the economy, it may be cheaper than if argentina settled that, since claims from bondholders could rise to hundreds of billions of dollars. >> we showed you a quick snapshot of the stock markets on wall street. we have seen the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 trading down somewhat, perhaps on the prospect of fresh u.s. sanctions on russia. geopolitical concerns perhaps coming back on the table. we have seen some pretty good-looking earnings from
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companies like merck in the united states. seems the dow jones and s&p 500 have turned into negative territory despite that strong economic data. let's talk you through the european close. indices close higher. micex in moscow traded higher about 0.6% even as the european union slapped new sanctions. up.dax up 0.6% and the ftse i will hand it back to you. >> thanks very much. markus with the latest business news. beena look and what has making waves online in today's web news.
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s, welcome to the web new are pick of stories making online headlines. iraqization of christians. the campaign for greater economic justice. in sk-- and skateboarding abandoned los angeles. "n," with letter photos posing with the letter. many have taken to the internet in support of iraqi christians persecuted by jihadis who have taken over the second-largest city, mosul. by letter has been reclaimed protesters t.
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online campaigning has centered hashtag.e "we are n" they have shared concerns over what will happen to christians in iraq, and have asked the international community to take action to end persecution. solidarity viag the web. others have taken to the streets to voice outrage. a number of support rallies have been staged all over the world. in these pictures from washington and also paris. signsof participants held with the arabic letter n to denounce the situation of christians in iraq. months of unpaid wages, rising living costs, the declining
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value of the currency. just some of the reasons thousands took to the streets on july 24 in ghana. the protest has also moved to social media. ghana's trade union congress has been highly active online and started sharing calls to protest at the start of the month with #redfriday, urging ghanians to wear red every friday in peaceful protest. it has contributed to the success of the general strike. workers from the public sector attended the protests. oiced support under the #occupyghana hashtag. they say leaders have failed to get the economy back on track. almost everyone approves of the
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strike, but they are concerned about the impact it could have on the economy. trade unions are -- trade unions, they say, are putting their own interests before those of the country as a whole. last year, 250 million women were forced into marriage before the age of 15. this was put together by unicef to raise awareness of child marriage. the problem is in as president in niger and bangladesh, and worseaid poor education -- was a cost and it is serious because child marriage raises the likelihood of hiv infection and complications for the newborn.
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people with diabetes have been posting under the #showmey ourpump hashtag, showing insulin pumps. it was started by america's miss idaho 2014, who recently took to the competition stage in her bikini and her insulin pump on full display. with his high-precision pen, paper, patience, and a lot of talent, a dutch illustrator creates remarkable black and white portraits of movie stars, and also famous musicians. realistic andmely take hours and hours to complete, and are available to view on the artist's official website.
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a man skateboarding around an abandoned los angeles. this stunning show was posted online and was produced using image editing software. you can watch it in its entirety on vimeo. ♪
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from pacifica this is democracy now! >> i said, and i repeat, and i say, we must be prepared for a protracted campaign. we will continue to act with force and discretion until our mission is accomplished. >> israel intensifies its


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